Being the mother of one of the most active two year old’s I have known, I understand first hand the troubles relating to holidaying with kids. Eating out once in a while is fine, try and do it a few nights in a row – not so fun any more. Kids get tired when you are away from home, they are over stimulated – even if you try and create some down time each day. They are excited and well, they are still kids!
So next time you travel consider the advantages of finding fully self contained accommodation.
The addition of a kitchen, plus the extra space that comes with it will mean that you and your kids have more room, you can make meals that will cost less, you know they will eat and you can let them be kids that little bit more.

If you are heading to Townsville, we offer a range of self contained options so feel free to look us up. This type of accommodation is becoming more and more popular in destinations all over Australia – not to mention more affordable than it used to be.

Often the rates are comparable with that of a standard motel room.