There are few more intimate experiences in life than that of seeing a whale – these majestic creatures have fascinated humans for thousands of years and, even in today’s world, are still mesmerizing.

And it’s not just the size of the whales that make them so special – they are one of the most intelligent mammals on the planet and thus the moment you spot one you begin to marvel at their almost mystical peacefulness and serenity.

But where can you actually go whale watching?

Well, it’s actually a very popular activity all around the world, and there are plenty of sites where you can go see a whale. Of course, some places give you a better chance of seeing one than others, so if you want a truly special whale watching adventure, here are some of the best places in the world to see them in action:

Alaska, USA

Every year, around 20,000 grey whales find their way along the coast of south Alaska as they are heading to their summer feeding grounds near California.

There are plenty of places to watch them go by and in the summer it’s practically hard to miss them if you happen to be on a cruise in the area, but the best place to see the whales in Alaska is Whale Pass, as the name so obviously implies. You can do it from various lodges, or go on a trip to the sea and explore the whales from up close.

Los Cabos, Mexico

Although there are plenty of more reasons for visiting Los Cabos, not the last of which is the amazing year-round weather, it’s also a terrific place to spot whales every year from January to June.

As whales migrate from colder climates to the Sea of Cortez and also California, you can spot species like grays, sperm whales and blues. Take a boat ride to the sea and you can even catch a glimpse of the whales mating season, as well as mother whales nurturing their youngsters.

Kaikoura, New Zealand

A well-known whale watching spot, the town of Kaikoura in New Zealand’s South Island is a great choice because you can spot sperm whales almost all year long. In fact, during periods of the year you can also see several species of dolphins, including one of the worlds’ rarest dolphins, the Hector’s dolphin, only indigenous to the New Zealand region.

You can also see orcas, humpback whales and even pilot whales, so there’s definitely a lot of reasons why this is a great place if you want to see the majestic creatures of the sea.

Quebek, Canada

If you’re looking for a place to spot some of the rarest whales in the world, then Canada’s Quebec is a where you should go – you can find the nearly extinct North Atlantic Right Whale, of which only a few hundred remain worldwide, or the very unique Beluga whales, also known as white whales.

There are a lot of places in Quebek to go whale watching, with the peak season being May and October, when you have the highest chance of seeing the aforementioned whale species, as well as the humpback and blue whales.

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