Rome is the third most visited city in Europe. With seven to ten million visitors per year, it deserves its third position after London and Paris. Who can withstand so much archeology, architecture, art and religion in a Mediterranean climate with Italian restaurants around every corner.

Over 3000 Hotels in Rome

Finding a good hotel in such a city is hard. There are over three thousand, how will you be able to pick the best in town?  The best being the one that suits your or your family’s needs most.
A quick search on internet will often take you to large hotels, often part of hotel chains with such  standard interior, it makes you forget you are in Rome. Wouldn’t you rather stay in a small family run ‘Albergo’ with personal attention and expert knowledge of this magnificent city?

Residenza Santa Maria

This six room hotel invites you to make use of personal service and direct communication right from the start: their homepage.
The hotel is located on a beautiful square in a popular neighborhood of the ‘centro storico’, the old center, on the left bank of the Tiber, in short in Trastevere.

Guests get all kinds of benefits, from free use of bicycles to an evening aperitivo at the ‘related’ bigger Hotel Santa Maria.

Children are welcome here and up to two children can spend the night with their parents in one room.

Palm Gallery Hotel

If you don’t like spending the night in the center of Rome, you might like to stay in The Palm Gallery Hotel in the north eastern suburb Nomentana.
The building is old, an art nouveau villa from 1907. The hotel, as a service, was established in 2010. Established is a good word, it became popular in no time and really has put itself itself on the map.

Probably because owner and manager Luisa primarily got into the business because she loves meeting people. That she is delivering her service from the view point of her guests is proven by her “Oops facility”. She sells those small essential items one often forgets to pack, at cost price.

Hotel Modigliani

Between Via Veneto and Spanish Steps is a hotel with 23 rooms and 2 apartments. The latter are ideal for families with children. The hotel is not ‘small’, but must be mentioned as it is definitely not ‘standard’ and still very personal. The owners Giulia and Marco, are a young couple, both artists. The opening of the hotel in 2001 did not replace their artistic ambition, it was an expression of it. Many of the black and white photos in this smoke free hotel were made by Marco.
Guests like the hotel, the personal treatment and its atmosphere so much, they sometimes donate  their own art, for a prized place between Marco’s photos.

The Beehive

>Now here we have a “stranger in our midst”, an American couple running a hotel in Rome. Not just any hotel, but an Eco-conscious one. Here’s how they explain it themselves: “In 1999 we packed up our apartment in Los Angeles and, along with our 2 cats moved to Rome and opened The Beehive, a unique cross between a budget hotel and an upscale hostel – a place where you can feel at home.”
The interior is definetely not related to Rome’s ancient history, it’s a very contemporary place, where you can let go of all the impressive history and art seen on your city trip through Rome.

The dog friendly Corot Hotel

If your family includes dogs, your interpretation of a family friendly hotel includes pet friendliness: does the hotel allow Fido to come along? Many hotels allow one small pet for a certain fee. But often your dog is not allowed in the breakfast area and in some cases can only stay in your room and nowhere else.
It’s a different in the Corot Hotel which is only a short walk from the train station “Terminus”.  There is no extra fee for one  dog and what’s more … if your pet is well-behaved he’s allowed everywhere in the hotel, even the breakfast area.

If the right hotel is not in this list, you will at least have some ideas now of what counts and what doesn’t count in your own search for a hotel in this class(ic) city.