Next time you choose to take a trip the UK, one of the best places to stay is a holiday cottage. Whether you are over there to spend time with family back in the UK, sightseeing in cities like London, Manchester or Newcastle or just spending some family time together, a self-catering holiday cottage is the perfect solution. After a the long flight you will need a little time to relax and recover before making the most of your holiday and a holiday cottage can provide you with both the space and comfort to do this in.

During your time away, when the children are tired you can put them to bed in their own room and sit down with your other half to enjoy a relaxed meal or put a DVD on to enjoy together with a glass of wine. Staying in a cottage means that you can all have your own space and don’t have to all be crammed into one hotel room.

Another advantage of staying in self-catering accommodation is that you can feed fussy children as and when you need to whatever time it is and you can easily make up bottles and packed meals for days out too.

Renting a holiday cottage also means that you can make the best of the your time in the UK come rain or shine! When the weather is nice you can barbeque in the garden together as a family and when the rain starts to fall, you can retreat to your holiday cottage and listen to the pitter patter of the rain on the window sill whilst you put the kettle on and relax in front of the log fire.

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