We bought this book when we were researching our family trip to Disneyland in 2011. Although we could find lots of information online it was generally scattered around many different sites, this book contained all the information we needed in 1 easy to read location and the best bit is it is updated every year!

There are over 50 pages dedicated to Disneyland with Kids including valuable information on Strollers (Came in Handy!!), Babysitting and family friendly Hotels.

This book has heaps of information on Disneyland Park and California Disney Adventure and also a smaller Universal studios section. There is also a section on planning for your trip before you leave.

Another valuable attribute of the book are the detailed ride descriptions, each ride is given a star rating based on their appeal to different age groups. This is fantastic information if your 5 year old wants to go on space mountain or Indiana Jones.

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