If your next family holiday to the United States includes a visit to Las Vegas and not New York then why not book the family into New York-New York hotel and get the best of both worlds. New York-New York is a hotel and casino that is located right on the strip in Las Vegas and owned by MGM Resorts, the innovative facades recreate the classic Manhattan skyline, complete with 12 skyscrapers that house their guest rooms.

Other icons on show include a Statue of Liberty, a Coney Island-style roller coaster and replica of the Brooklyn Bridge. From its towering skyline to round-the-clock excitement, New York-New York Hotel & Casino truly lives up to its reputation as the greatest city in Las Vegas. Even the rooms are named after streets in New York with the Park and Madison Avenue amongst the choices.

Upstairs is kids arcade, which is themed Coney Island, and just as crowded as the real thing. Kids play boardwalk games in the hopes of winning tickets redeemable for cheap prizes.  The line for the roller coaster starts here. There are also many family friendly restaurants, which are all housed in buildings that fit the theme of New York neighborhoods.

As with Las Vegas Hotels it is definitely targeted at mum and dads gambling money, but do their best to ensure that the whole family is looked after.

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