Queenstown Shotover Jet

Get on board ‘Big Red’ the ultimate Queenstown Shotover Jet boat experience that has been thrilling over 3 million people since 1970!

If its not the super-charged jet boat ride that scares you it will be the danger of heading straight for overhanging cliff faces and jagged rocks of the Shotover Canyon before pulling away at the VERY last second! This is why this Queenstown jet boat ride takes the cake – combining the epic thrills of high-speed, seemingly impossible manoeuvres, coming perilously close to narrow impending canyon walls and of course the overwhelming scenic location!

These expert Shotover jet boat drivers know exactly what they are doing and can haul the boat at speeds of up to 85kph in as little as 10cm of shallow water! Spin and weave your way through the spectacular Shotover River Canyon and enjoy trademark 360-degree spins, power brakes and sweeping fishtails as the rocky canyon walls whiz past you at speed.

This world famous Queenstown Jet Boat experience is just 10 minutes from Queenstown where you can catch a convenient and free shuttle service out to the river base. You then have the rest of the day to try and catch your breath and enjoy other exciting activities in Queenstown!


  • 25 minute jet boat ride
  • Free shuttle service from Queenstown


This is a 25 minute ride (allow 1.5 hours from the return trip with transfers).


Trips run every 30 minutes during daylight hours. Details of how to secure a time and where to meet will be available on your tour voucher.

Hours of Operation

  • Summer: 7.30am – 7.30pm daily
  • Winter: 9.00am – 4.00pm daily


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