When travelling overseas with your family using your mobile phone can be very expensive. Modern smartphones are constantly downloading data including checking emails, browsing websites, Facebook status updates and Google Maps information. A good way to save money and still use your phone overseas is to purchase a prepaid SIM card like a Woolworths Mobile Global Roaming card.

Woolworths Mobile Global Roaming allows you to roam in over 200 countries and save up to 90% on Global Roaming costs. You can make & receive calls, send text and access the internet and emails. Simply replace your ordinary SIM with a Woolworths Mobile Global Roaming SIM while overseas.

Your phone needs to be unlocked and generally less than 5 years old and you may forward your usual mobile number if required. Your account is managed online enabling you to recharge credit with a credit card anytime. The Woolworths Global Roaming SIM is compatible with most unlocked regular or micro SIM handsets, smart phones, laptops and tablets, including the Apple iPhone™ 4, 4S, iPad™.

Voice and Data Roaming in 200+ countries

The Woolworths coverage is the most expansive available for this type of service. No matter where you may be travelling to, there is sure to be voice and data coverage with your Woolworths Mobile Global Roaming SIM. For example, if you are travelling to Europe with a stopover in the Middle East or Asia, you will be able to use your phone in all destinations.

  • Worldwide coverage.
  • The Woolworths Mobile Global Roaming SIM has voice, text and data all on 1 SIM.
  • No long prefixes to dial to access the cheapest rates
  • Amazing data and voice bundles available for E.U. and U.S.
  • Access to local SIM rates in the UK.
  • Great voice rates and casual data rates available – save up to 90% when compared to domestic Australian carriers.
  • It’s a prepay service, no contracts, no bills, no shocks!
  • Optional auto top-up so you never run out of credit.
  • You can add a local number from your home country to your SIM so friends, families, colleagues can call you at a local rate.

Click to buy a Woolworths Global Roaming SIM and save up to 90% on roaming bills.