Bubba Gump Shrimp Company is a family friendly seafood restaurant chain inspired by the 1994 Tom Hanks film Forrest Gump. If you can remember the part of the film set during the Vietnam war, Forrest Gump and his friend Bubba decided to go into the shrimping business. Forrest bought a boat which he named “Jenny “ and became very successfull at shrimping.

This clever themed collection of restaurants is based on movie and the menu includes names of dishes related to the movie. My kids were too young to remember the film but loved the food so much that we ended up going there 3 times in our US trip.

One clever part of the theme is a sign on your table saying “Run Forrest Run” which you can change to “Stop Forrest Stop” if you want the waiter to stop at your table.

The menu has a great selection of seafood and non-seafood meals including a fantastic shrimp (prawn) platter. As with most similar restaurants in the US you also get a great kids menu and unlimited soft drink.

We visited Bubba Gump’s on Santa Monica Pier which is the end of the famous Route 66. We also visited the restaurant in Anaheim (Near Disneyland). We all thought this was a excellent family restaurant (not too tacky) and was a great concept.