In all honesty, Portugal is one of the most underrated travel destinations today compared to other parts of Europe. A country that is fondly known for its humility, Portugal is a product of rich history and immense beauty. There are lots of places to visit, lots of things to see, and 11 million of perhaps the most receptive people you will ever meet. Lying at the very edge of Europe, this country is one of the most pocket friendly destinations to go to. The accommodation costs next to nothing, the people are receptive, the beaches are beautiful with white sands, and the north has some breathtaking national parks if you are into wildlife.

Porto, Portugal

What to look for
The history of this country is actually quite interesting, and it is one that has, over the years, seen a diverse blend of culture all come together in one nifty little pack. Think about a travel package to Portugal that features vast subtropical islands, filled with tons of opportunities for adventure as well as an opportunity to learn and appreciate the different cultures.
Where to start
Many people prefer to start with the more prominent cities when planning their Portugal vacation package. Let’s look at a few places that should make your itinerary.

  • Lisbon tends to stand out based on the fact that it is literally built on seven hills. It’s beautiful, and with views that will take your breath away. It doesn’t matter what hour of the day it is; this beautiful city sits on the Tagus, and the view from all angles is simply spectacular!
  • Porto is perhaps the most popular soccer city in the heart of Portugal. The people love their football, and it bonds cultures in a way that is purely inimitable. The people are friendly, and chic exterior and shabby streets all spice up the lives of the people in and around this Portuguese capital.
  • If you are a fan of historical sites and a foot in the old times, then the city of Faro should be smack, right in the middle of your Portugal vacation. Giving you glimpses of the life and times of past Portuguese civilizations, this impressive old town is one of the most sought after tourist attractions in the country. The only downside comes from the lack of beach access, but this can easily remedied using a water taxi that gets you where you need to go. Faro also has a nice port on its shores, and is a great addition in as far as your travel to Portugal is concerned.
  • There are dozens of other destinations to go to, all easily accessible through public means. The city of Portimao in all its splendor and impeccable selection of sea food and a specific suiting for people with an inclination for tour packages. Other places like the Sagres, Lagos, Madiera and Sintra all blend together to give you one hell of a holiday. You get to experience anything from beautiful architecture, surfing to a colorful night life.

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Article provided by Mel Sheriff